Matt's Marine Music Medley
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Hawaiian Beach Combers - Queen of the South Sea Isles

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Brian Eno - Small Craft on a Milk Sea

49 plays

Johnny Cash - I Corinthians 1555

"Oh let me sail on"

Nick Drake - Three Hours
20 plays

Nick Drake - Three Hours

"Three hours from London
Jacomo’s free
Taking his woes
Down to the sea
In search of a lifetime
To tell when he’s home
In search of a story
That’s never been known.”

15 plays

Caribou - Sea Rea

8 plays

Gorillaz - Plastic Beach

10 plays

Bruce Peninsula - Weave Myself a Dress

And when they open again a sail is born”

Such a good album.

91 plays

Black Tambourine - Drown

18 plays

Rachel’s - Tea Merchants

From their album The Sea and Bells, which they took the name of a book of poems of the same name, by Pablo Neruda. One of his poems:

“I came here to count the bells, 
live upon the surface of the sea,
that sound over the sea,
within the sea.

So, here I live.” 

I’m not much of a poetry guy, but I want to go see if the library has this book and read it along to Rachel’s.

119 plays

Mice Parade - The Last Ten Homes 

"A man walks into his cell
And he looks at his story to tell
There are no walls in this place
Just a picture staring him in the face
He said “Hey there, picture
What are you hanging on?
It looks like you don’t belong here
Suspended in the air
But you’re the one making the call
Without asking what’s better for all”

So then he gets out of his cell
And he looks around hoping to tell
His whole story, beginning to end
But the bitter sea likes to be
Hauntingly lonely, making it all the worse
To lose a friend”

Mice Parade is one of my favorite bands, I’m surprised I haven’t posted any of his stuff yet. This one is a bit sad, but with a petty upbeat tempo.

159 plays


From My Own True Love (Lost at Sea) - The Decemberists

Four score years

Living down in this rain swept town
Sea salt tears
Swimming around as the rain comes down

Mr. Postman, do you have a letter for me?
Mr. Postman, do you have a letter for me?
A letter for me
From my own true love
Lost at sea
Lost at sea”

Recommended Via Jewcyfroot

Joanna Newsom - Occident
21 plays

Joanna Newsom - Occident

"Breaching slowly, across the sea,
one mast—
a flash, like the stinger of a bee—
to take you away,”